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Error: "The AJP Connector is configured with secretRequired..." in Clarity


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This error happens when you start the app service. You are using AJP to securely connect from your Apache servers to the Clarity application servers.  Prior to the upgrade, this was working well, but after moving to the new version of Apache, you are seeing the following error in the app-system.log: 

"2020/08/13 14:22:01.036 | Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The AJP Connector is configured with secretRequired="true" but the secret attribute is either null or "". This combination is not valid."


Issue is due to environment secretRequired="true" being the default behavior, breaking the services. 


Release : Any



To turn off secretRequired="true":

  1. Add the secretRequired="false" attribute to the AJP connector in the server.xml file located at:


  2. Once done, remove and redeploy the services.
  3. Ensure that the Clarity copy of the config $clarity/tomcat-app-deploy/conf/server.xml now also has this change.

Additional Information

Note: Depending on the Tomcat version,  for some cases the entire AJP portion is commented in this Tomcat version and if Apache server is used, we have to enable it by comparing with the old server.xml config.