Distribute All has errors after Clarity upgrade


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We have upgraded one of our three servers successfully. However we are receiving errors when we try to distribute to our two other servers.

Here are the errors that we are receiving:

/app/clarity/install/.setup/scripts/deploy.xml:141: /app/clarity/install/.setup/scripts/deploy.xml:142: The following error occurred while executing this line:

/app/clarity/install/.setup/scripts/deploy.xml:179: The following error occurred while executing this line:

/app/clarity/install/.setup/scripts/j2ee/tomcat/deploy.xml:546: Parent /Server/Service/Engine/Host/Context[@path='/niku'] not found in document


Release : All Supported Clarity releases



Please ensure you are following the correct steps to distribute to the other server.

Check the following:

  • Are the other two servers available in CSA, and visible?
  • Are the services running?
  • Are you using multicast or JDBC ping?

Note that using Distribute All is not required, and if you have upgraded on server 1, you can simply copy all Clarity files in a zip file except the /config directory and /logs and replace on server 2 and server 3 (except /config and /logs) and then bring the services up.

This is a second, also supported way to distribute the files. To do this, folllow the steps:

  1. Stop and remove services on server 1
  2. Zip the entire Clarity upgraded files on server 1
  3. With niku user: Move to server 2, and unzip in server 2, ensure it's the same location / path as expected 
  4. Ensure full permissions are granted to niku user over the directory. Niku must be the owner.
  5. Ensure the new Tomcat and java are installed on server 2 and full permissions are provided to niku user
  6. Now retrieve the previous config from server 2
  7. Replace the config correctly to ensure the config files are the ones from the previous install
  8. Now add, deploy and start services on server 2