Grant access to run Reports from Reports and Jobs but not Advanced Reporting


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We want a user to be able to run one or more reports from Reports and Jobs, but NOT have access to navigate to Advanced Reporting / Jaspersoft.

How can this be done and what rights/access is needed?


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Step 1: Assign the user to the applicable role the report belongs to (or grant them access to the respective group). 

  • Option 1: Add the users to the applicable PMO reporting group (Best Practice)

Example: For the timesheet reports, add the user to the PMO Advanced Reporting Time Management group, which maps to the timesheet role in Advanced reporting CSK_ROLE_TIME_MANAGEMENT

This access would give users access to run all out of the box Timesheet reports

    • Once Group access has been granted, run the Synchronize Jaspersoft Roles job
  • Option 2: Assign the role to the users in Advanced Reporting.

Prerequisite to use this option:

  • Uncheck Allow Jaspersoft Role Synchronization in Clarity->Administration->System Options. The setting needs to be unchecked to prevent the role from being removed when the Synchronize Jaspersoft job is run. The job will then fail, so this would only be if you don't want to synchronize using this option anymore.  See Enhanced User Role Synchronization in CA PPM 15.3 Release Notes for more details on this setting.

Step 2: Grant the following Clarity access rights (if not already granted to the user via a group or other method already)

  • Global:
    • Report  - Access
    • Reports - View Output - All
  • Instance:
    • Report Run (This can be granted at global level if user should have access to all reports

Step 3: Ensure the user (or the role the user is assigned to) has read only privileges to both the CA PPM folder and CA PPM Reports Output folder

  1. Go to Home->Advanced Reporting
  2. Click on View from the Advanced Reporting toolbar / menu and then click Repository
  3. On the left hand folders window, expand the top level folder and right click on CA PPM Reports Output
  4. Select Permissions
  5. Change ROLE_USER permissions to Read only
  6. Now right click on the CA PPM folder
  7. Select Permissions
  8. To grant the access to one specific user:
    • Click the ‘User’ link next to View By
    • Scroll down to the user who needs the access and change their permission to Read Only

Step 4: Run the Create and Update Jaspersoft Users Job 

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