Lookup Filter with Multiple-select Option Does not Work in Resource Finder Portlet


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Custom lookup filters do not work on the Resource Finder portlet if configured to be Multiple-select. If any value is selected for the filter, the Resource Finder does not return any results. If the filter is set to be single select, then the filter works as expected. 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a Custom Object and create some instances
  2. Create a Dynamic Lookup that queries all the instance of the Custom Object
  3. Create a Lookup Attribute called, “Team” based on the lookup created on Step#2
  4. Assign Values in the “Team” attribute for a few resources
  5. Configure the “Team” attribute in the Resource Filter Layout (with multi-select option)
  6. Filter Resource from 2 or more teams(Observe that multi-select filter is working)
  7. Configure the “Team” attribute in the Resource Finder Portlet’s Filter Layout (with multi-select option) 
  8. Back on the Resource Finder portlet, select one or more values for this lookup parameter and click on Filter

Expected Results: Results meeting this filter criteria are returned on the list. 

Actual Results: No results are returned on the list. 


Release : 15.5.1

Component : CA PPM Studio


This issue no longer occurs in our 15.8.1 release. 

Workaround: Use the single select option for this filter in the affected versions.