IG Import is showing lot of changes Need to know why


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We are importing data for CAIM universe using Identity Minder connector. We are having 3 connector in it. 1) Identity Minder, 2) AD and 3) ISD

We are using offline connector for AD and Live for ISD. Our last identity Minder import was failed due to network issue so we have started new import but when flow is in compare stage what we have noticed that it is showing lot of records needs to update.

We did our last successful import few days back and we are sure there should be 700K+ records updated in IDM. Could you please help us to understand why it is showing that much of changes. Attaching logs and Screenshots.


Release : 14.2



We can find what data is being changed by looking for a log message similar to this stating the number of changes and the audit card name
[com.eurekify.businessflow.bb.importConnector.CompareConfigurations] (taskExecutorServiceContainer-3) Compare Configurations Action completed successfully.Configuration [CAIM_08-05-2020 10_23_07_947_Accounts] was compared with [CAIM_Master1_Accounts] configuration. 709,501 alerts were saved to [sql://saxdtq03-scan1.idmqa_svc/CAIM_08-05-2020 10_23_07_947_Diff_Accounts.aud] Audit Card.

Also, We can check the UI under the workflow:
From the Administrations->Workflow UI, the "Changes" section may provide details about all of the changes.