CA Deliver - 3270 Datastream Error on Deliver Primary Panel


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The client received a 3270 Datastream Error after entering a USERID/PASSWORD in their VTAMAPPL logon.

The error did not occur with a 3270 Device Model 5 terminal, but it did occur when set as a Model 2 terminal. 

The complete pop up message text is:
An SFE, SA or MF order was received with an invalid extended highlighting value.
The error occurred at location 0x31 in the write.  


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


There was a line added to Deliver Primary panel RMOP1, regarding the new Distribution Tables.

As a result, the client experienced problems regarding displaying the Deliver Primary panel, after logging in as a Mod2 24-line terminal.

The display was successful with the Mod5 27-line terminal, due to it being able to display more lines. 

The difference was that the client had a routine that added a line of text to the panel, which resulted in data being pushed off the 24-line screen, which caused the error.