Can a CA Datacom database file be moved with DFDSS (ADRDSSU)


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Can a CA DATACOM database file be moved to a different disk pack volume using DFDSS (program ADRDSSU)?



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Component : CA Datacom/DB


DFDSS (ADRDSSU) can be used to move a database file as long as the track geometry of the new device is the same.

In addition, the number of tracks in the file cannot be changed.

The DFDSS options ALLDATA(*) and ALLEXCP need to be used so that a full track copy is performed.

The file must not be in use when moving it so either shut down the Multi-User Facility (MUF) or close the dbid and set ACCESS to the database to OFFline.

The CXX keeps track of the file name so if the file is renamed, a DBUTLY CXXMAINT needs to be run to change the file name in the CXX.

Additional Information

Article 35414 which has further information on using DFDSS.

Article 30470 explains how to rename a datacom file.