How to delete the SPECTRUM Connector on SCOM Console


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How to delete the SPECTRUM Connector in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).

We are migrating the Spectrum SCOM connector to a new host, but the following error is displayed in the SCOM CONNECTOR_DEBUG.OUT log file:

8/10/2020 6:15:27 PM: Initializing the SCOM connector manager...
8/10/2020 6:15:28 PM: RegistrationID not in registry, setting up the connector for the first time...
8/10/2020 6:15:29 PM: Failed to register the connector:
Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Common.ConnectorAlreadyExistsException: A connector with that connector id or name already exists.
   at Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ConnectorFramework.ConnectorFrameworkAdministration.InsertConnector(ConnectorInfo connectorInfo, Guid connectorId)
   at Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ConnectorFramework.ConnectorFrameworkAdministration.Setup(ConnectorInfo connectorInfo, Guid connectorId)
   at SCOMConnectorMgr.initialize(String scomName, String connectorName)


The new Spectrum SCOM connector cannot connect to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) because there is already an existing Spectrum connector in SCOM, created by the previous installation of Spectrum SCOM connector on the other host.


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Integration


The Spectrum connector must be deleted from the Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), so the new Spectrum SCOM connector installation can register the Spectrum connector.

Before deleting the Spectrum connector, make a SCOM database backup.

Here are the steps:

1. Delete the SPECTRUM Connector subscription.

2. This is only applicable to SCOM 2019.

The Remove-SCOMConnector cmdlet removes one or more configuration item (CI) connectors from the management group. Removing a connector disables any transmission of information to that connector from System Center 2019 - Operations Manager.

PS C:\>Get-SCOMConnector -Connector"CustomConnector01" | Remove-SCOMConnector

3. Launch the PowerShell

4. Get the list of SCOMConnector. Run this syntax:

In PowerShell, run this syntax:
Import-Module OperationsManager

5. Failed to remove the SCOM connector

6. Remove via PowerShell Script.

7. The Internal Connectors hung, never loads.

8.  Run the following SQL query:

SELECT BaseManagedEntity.DisplayName,
FROM Connector
    INNER JOIN BaseManagedEntity
        ON Connector.BaseManagedEntityId = BaseManagedEntity.BaseManagedEntityId

9. Run the following SQL query:

Select Connectorid,DisplayName,IsInitialized from BaseManagedEntity BME
join Connector CON on BME.BaseManagedEntityId = CON.BaseManagedEntityId
where BME.DisplayName Like '%SPECTRUM Connector%'

10. Run the following procedure to delete the SCOM connector

Exec p_ConnectorDelete '16912F16-9A78-416B-B73D-51C21C30CCAD',NULL,NULL

11. The SPECTRUM connector was successfully deleted.

12. Started the Spectrum SCOM Connector service, but it failed to register the connector in SCOM. It is referencing the deleted connector.

12. Reinstall did not fix the issue. Need to remove and then install it back.
SpectrumSCOMConnector.exe --remove
SpectrumSCOMConnector.exe --install

13. Started the SPECTRUM SCOM Connector, but it failed due unknown user.

The new account that starts Spectrum SCOM connector service was not added to Spectrum.

14. Add a new subscription to the new Spectrum connector in SCOM.

Stop/start the Spectrum SCOM connector service.

15. If you see refresh issue in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Console:

Run D:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012 R2\Operations Manager\Console with /clearcache parameter to update Forwarding status.

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