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Task Timeline does not show bars/duration of phases if collapsed


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Task Timeline on projects does not show bars/duration when collapsing phases in 15.9.1 and lower. (It does not show summary task line when the view is minimized). The Graphic just shows a blank space so the user cannot see when the summary task starts or finishes.

Modern User Experience (UX) for 15.9.1 and lower 

Classic Interface:

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Navigate to a project in Modern UX that has many phases and tasks
  2. Navigate to the Task Timeline within the Task module on this project
  3. Collapse one or more tasks in the task timeline

Expected Results: The duration/bar of the collapsed phases is still shown.

Actual Results: The duration/bars of the collapsed phases are not displayed anymore.


This is working as expected in 15.9.1 and lower


Clarity 15.8.1, 15.9, 15.9.1


15.9.2 and higher

Starting in 15.9.2, this functionality is now available. When you collapse the parent task, the bar on that task remains on the Gant area. 

15.9.1 and below

This was reviewed as DE56728 and confirmed to be working as expected in 15.9.1 and lower 

As a workaround to the behavior, you can expand the phases.

Additional Information

See also Tasks / Assignments - Master KB for known issues