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I set access on my repository for certain user groups, and my repository access report query returns no results.  Why is this?


If the top of the window says “Repository Properties” you’re dealing with the administrative details about the repository – name, file extensions list, whether to treat all files as binary or text, that sort of thing.

If the top of the window says “Item Path Properties” you’re dealing with which user groups have permission to view that folder in the repository.  



Release : 13.0.3



If you want to set permissions controlling who has permission to see a folder or file inside your repository, this type of permission cannot be set at the top repository folder level.  You’ll need to expand the repository and then set the permissions for each of the top level folders.

If you’ve got a lot of folders to configure, it can get tedious to right click on each and every top level folder to set permissions individually.  You can expedite the process with a command line utility that can blanket-change the access list for all the top level folders in a repository:


And here’s an example:
C:\Users\Administrator>hrepmngr "*" -upd -rp SampleRepository -b win2k16-orcl12c -usr harvest -pw harvest -addvgrp "Dev Manager" -remvgrp Developer

C:\Users\Administrator>type hrepmngr.log
I00060040: New connection with Broker win2k16-orcl12c  established.
Item or path (DOCS) update was successful.
Item or path (EXE) update was successful.
Item or path (OBJ) update was successful.
Item or path (SRC) update was successful.
Item or path (TESTDATA) update was successful.


(adds the Dev Manager group to the access list and removes Developer from the access for all top-level folders and files in the repository)

When updating the folder and file level permissions inside your repository there's a caveat – your changes only affect files and folders that exist right now.  If someone were to create a new file or folder at the root level of the repository, it would not automatically inherit the same permissions as the other top-level folders but would, instead, come in with “Public” access.  You would have to go back afterward and set the permissions on that new folder or file as you need them to be.  Since we can’t set folder-level access for the root repository folder, there’s currently no way around this.