agent status no_conn does not go away after connection issue is solved


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I would like to know why the agent did not change it status to Yes on it's own? According to the parameters that we use, CA7 should have detected itself that the connection to the agent was available.

One of our agents, defined in CA7 was in status NO_CONN. The connection issue was resolved at 10:04. At 10:30, the agent was still showing as NO_CONN. I was successfully able to telnet to the agent on the port on which it was listening. In the end a job was sent to the agent from CA7 and the status was changed from No_CONN to YES According tot the CA IAS Implementation guide, the connection to the agent is retried every interval (miliseconds), retried x times before going to sleep for y seconds. Our configuration is specified below.




Release : 12.0

Component : CA-7


The retry is only applicable to jobs/messages that are waiting to be sent to the agent. If there are no jobs/messages waiting to be sent to the agent, we don't do anything and the agent status stays as NO-CONN.

If the 7 is up and you shut down and restart the agent, the agent will send a CONTROL MSG to CA 7 which will also cause the agent to go from NO-CONN to YES. Again, only if you recycle the agent.

Regarding the RETRYINTERVAL, RETRYCOUNT, SLEEPTIME, they are only used when a CA 7 attempt to send a message (eligible for retry) fails. In the client's case we will retry every 4 seconds, 5 times, and then wait 15 minutes (900 seconds) before repeating the cycle.

Lastly, note there is only 1 timer, so those wait times are the minimal wait times. If you use different times for different agents, the waits can end up being longer.