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User login to ITPAM UI fails with error "No Authentication policy for the user"


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CA Process Automation Base


Created new user in EEM. But giving below error when tried to login to ITPAM UI:

"No Authentication policy for the user."


The newly created user doesn't have proper application groups assigned in EEM.


Release : 4.3.X

Component : Process Automation


Please follow below steps to fix the error:

  1. Go to EEM, Login with "Process Automation" as Application with EiamAdmin user.
  2. Under Manage Identities, select the user created
  3. In the right side click "Search" under "Application Group Membership"
  4. Assign the groups from the list displayed,  least you require to assign "PAM Users".
  5. Click on Save button.
  6. Now you should be able to login to ITPAM UI with this user.


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