No memory stats for Cisco ACE 4710K9 in CA Performance Management (CAPM)


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


After discovering a Cisco ACE 4710K9 device, it does not collect any memory metrics although the certification portal says it should. Why?


The issue here is that the SNMP agent on the Cisco ACE 4710K9 device is not making any of the memory OIDs visible in its MIB.


Release : CAPM DX NetOps 20.2
Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


When you look at our CAPM certification site for the 4710K9, you'll see 3 Memory VCs listed:


When you search for these in CAPM, you'll find the Internal name you can use in a REST client to get the VC to show what OID base it uses:


Using CiscoMemMib as the VC name, we can target it and get the OIDs:

From the above, the base OID is

When searching for this in the MIB walk you uploaded, it draws a blank. Same with the OID base for the other two VCs:

Cisco Enhanced Memory Pool

Cisco CPM Memory

So you'll have to get the device owner/administrator to check the SNMP agent's configuration and turn on the memory MIBs. Then you can rediscover in CAPM and it should come up.