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Events and/or jobs are stuck in status 'Start initiated'.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


The server log shows the following messages.

20200810/164311.606 - U2000082 The Agent routine 'UCFHEX' needs '346,95' second(s) for message 'FH_PINF', RunID '1128543384'.
20200810/162529.596 - U2000082 The Agent routine 'UCFHEX' needs '475,54' second(s) for message 'FH_PINF', RunID '1128542261'.
20200810/161733.765 - U2000082 The Agent routine 'UCFHEX' needs '609,98' second(s) for message 'FH_PINF', RunID '1128543384'.




Release : 12.2



This is related to either file events or using GET_FILESYSTEM having to process many directories and sub directories.

The sub directories can either be excluded in the file event itself by unchecking 

And/Or changing the following parameter in the agent ini file (Windows, Unix/Linux, VMS).

fileProcessingMaxDepth =

The maximum level of sub-directories for FILE Events.

You use this setting in order to determine the extent to which the directory structure is included in your search for FILE Event files. The search directory serves as the basis for the maximum sub-directory level.

By limiting the directory level, you can improve the performance of FILE Events especially when their folder structure is deeply nested and includes numerous files.

This parameter is relevant for FILE Events and the script element GET_FILESYSTEM


  • 0: There is no limitation.
  • 1: The files are only searched in the search directory. Sub-directories are not included in this search.
  • 2: With this setting being used, the search for files includes the search directory and one directory level below.
  • 3: The search includes the directory plus two sub-directory levels.
  • 4...n: The search includes the directory plus n-1 levels

Default: 0