Project properties sometimes shows error "Value Too Large" for Status Comments


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  • When changes are made to the Project Properties page and the page is saved, Clarity sometimes shows an error on the Status Comment Field
    • Error: "Value Too Large". 
  • The Status Comment field pulls in value from an out of the box Status Report String field via a custom Gel process.  


  • Issue is due to the Status Report field allowing more characters (2000) then the Status Comments field
  • Since the field the process copies over to (Status Comments) is limited to only 762 characters it generates an error when the user tries to save changes to the project after the process is run
  • The limitation with the Status Comments field length limit was reviewed by SE and they determined it was working as expected
    • The field was built to be limited to this length and is one string field that can't be changed in Clarity. 
    • See the following KB 130263 for more details


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  1. Update the Status Comments field to be 762 or less characters when you get this error.
  • To check the character length: 
    • Copy the text into word
    • Click on Review
    • Click on the Word count button (this will give you a count of the characters)

    2. If the Status Comment field is locked (as is the case in this example), the Status Report field would instead need to be updated:

  • Reduce the character length down to 762 in the Status Report string field
  • Rerun the process to update the Status Comments field.

    3. Another possible option is to truncate the Status Report field in the gel script

  • Have the process checks the character limit and update any text over to 762 to truncate the remaining text.

     4. Create a new string attribute on the project object

  • Set maximum size of attribute to 2000.
  • Update the process to copy into this new field
  • For existing projects, a one time script could be created to copy the Status Comment data to this new field
  • However, this would affect all system end points (such as reports) that use this attribute

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