MICS support for SMF 60 62 64 Record Types


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CA MICS Resource Management


We are looking for enhanced support for VSAM stats in MICS (SMF 60 62 64 Record types).  Currently these records are not processed in MICS. How can we process and analyze these record types in MICS?   


Release : 14.2

Component : CA MICS


Broadcom at the present time does not provide MICS support for the Type 60, 62 or 64 SMF records.

MICS does provide the open FDA interface to allow the customer to write their own components to integrate data into the MICS data base. Using the MICS-SAS interface, the development time for creating an FDA is greatly reduced. Broadcom has many customers that are using MSI to integrate a variety of data in MICS.

Therefore, you can create an FDA to process MXG TYPE60, TYPE62, TYPE64, AND TYPE64 files which contain the information you are requesting. 

This assumes that these records have previously been processed by MXG and are stored in a PDB. 

Attached is a UPGENIN sample genin member to create an FDA to integrate the MXG TYPE60, TYPE62, TYPE64, and TYPE64X files in MICS.

Just a few points. 

  • This is an example and no warranty is expressed or implied. Feel free to modify and customize as necessary. 
  • Files are only defined in the Detail time span. Since the underlying data is event data, it really doesn't lend itself to summarization. To activate in other time spans it would be necessary to identify retained data elements, as well as summed data elements.
  • The System Modification Guide (SMG) , appendix A has a good checklist for creating an FDA using MSI.



Additional Information

Refer to the FDA creation process by reviewing the System Modification Guide MSI FDA Checklist.


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