MSP Interface Install: Is any Server side installations needed?


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Are there any server side installations needed for the Microsoft Project Interface?


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  1. No server side installation is required for the MSP Interface
  2. The only server side change required is to set the scheduler entry URL in CSA/NSA, but only if this will be different then the regular application URL. 
    1. If this is not already set, set this URL and then restart app services
    2. See below details from techdocs at: CSA: Classic PPM System Administration (On-Premise Only)


Scheduler Entry URL
The full URL used by the scheduler, such as Open Workbench and Microsoft Project, to access the 
Classic PPM
  server. This is required only when the schedulers must connect to a URL other than the regular application entry URL. If you are using a port other than 80, the port must be specified. For example:




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