ACFRPTRV Report Options to filter on Return Code Values


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Is there a way with ACFRPTRV to filter on entries that have RC greater than 4 in any of the return code fields?

RSER-EZB.INITSTACK.SYSX.XC33CP                   LOG  RSER-*********************
20.220 08/07 14.20    KL2DER   KL2DERR   BATDQQ                 0   0   4   0   4


Release : 16.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


To filter on return code entries that have greater than 4 in any of the PRE, RMC, INT, PST, and FIN return codes there are several options.

For the standard supplied ACFRPTRV reports the only parameters that can be used to limit the report output are as follows.

 [LOG|VIO|TRACE|ALL          ] One or more TYPE of SMF record.
 [MASK(********|logonidmask)] Specific or masked logonid
 [CLASS(R|class)]                    Specific resource class R for resource, D for DB2 resource
 [TYPE(***|typemask)]              Specific or masked TYPE code

The CA Earl® report source lets you customize the output of some of the CA ACF2 reports including the ACFRPTRV report. The source for the CA Earl Reports can be found in the ACF2 installation CAX1MAC0 library. See member RPTRV for the ACFRPTRV report.

You can also write your own program to report on resource validation requests using the supplied SMF record layouts in the same ACF2 installation CAX1MAC0 library.

Details on these CA Earl® reports can be found in section: "Reporting with CA Earl" in the ACF2 documentation.  See member SMFVR for the SMF record layout in the installation CAX1MAC0 library for resource validation SMF resource records.