Spectrum ddm_save.pl fails with errors
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Spectrum ddm_save.pl fails with errors


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


I run into an issue with the ddm_save.pl.
I want to convert the DDM database tables engine from MyISAM to InnoDB.

The documentation says take a backup first.  I have a backup file db_20200811_0740.DDMDb.mbi however when I run the ddm_save.pl the ddm_backup.log ends with the message:

mysqlbackup failed with errors

Further up in the log file we see:

200811 07:42:16 RDR1    INFO: Starting to lock all the tables...
200811 07:42:16 RDR1 ERROR: No tables to copy.


Release : 20.2.x

Component : SPCCSS - Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


If you take a look in the $SPECROOT/mysql/data/ddmdb folder at the event* files and you see you have *myisam files, then you'll need to:

1. Run the ddm_save_legacy.exe first - this is used for the old myisam mysql format

2. Once complete run the $SPECROOT/SS/DDM/scripts/convert_current_myisam_to_innodb.pl script to convert it to Innodb.

3. Once converted, you now need to use the ddm_save.pl script to save the ddmdb.


Additional Information

The original ddm_load, ddm_save, and ddm_backup are now renamed as ddm_load_legacy, ddm_save_legacy, and ddm_backup_legacy