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Is it possible to turn off email notifications selectively for certain user accounts


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Is there a feature that a System admin could use to turn on or off email notifications for selective user accounts?

The Notifications feature does it for all users. Wondering if there is anything for selective users.

Another idea we had was to dummy email id for some users, any downside to this?

Also, if users are blocked from accessing the classic side through access privilege, they would not be able to use account settings to control notifications. What is the equivalent feature in New UX for end users?


Release : SAAS



There is no way to turn on or off email capabilities by Admin for specific users, those impacted users would need to go into their Account Settings and uncheck flag for email for all different types of notifications.

Regarding your second note of putting dummy email id for those selective end users, it's possible and email failure will not be recorded in Clarity logs, because Clarity's job is to initiate an email request and it is up to Email server to actually send it.

There is no equivalent of Account Settings in Modern UX, user will need to update it while in Classic.

Additional Information

How to enable/disable notifications for all users at the system level: Publish or Save Notification Default Settings

(End User will also need Clarity right: Account Settings - Navigate - Allows Access to the Account Settings page - See Set Up Notifications)