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Parameterized MVL not working on Benefit details create screen when passing object_id


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The parameterized multi-valued lookup (MVL) field does not display the list of values on the create page. The rows returned are zero. However, the same lookup, when configured in the Benefit Detail list view ,works well on an existing Benefit Detail row.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a parameterized multi-valued lookup (MVL) that lists the tasks of the Project.
  2. Create a multi-valued attribute in the Benefit Details object and map the parameterized lookup to that attribute.
  3. Pass the value of "object_id" to the parameter in the Benefit Details object.
  4. Create a new Benefit Detail in a Project

Note: When you create an attribute and map the same lookup in a custom object that is a sub-object to Project object and pass the odf_parent_id, it works as expected on the create page.

Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround for this?


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Pass plan_id instead of object_id

Additional Information

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