How to customize VIP PUSH notifications


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VIP Enterprise Gateway


VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.8 and beyond has added the ability within the validation server settings to customize PUSH notifications sent to end-users. These customizations can include (but are not limited to) identifying information about the origin of the PUSH request, organizational information, helpdesk info, etc. 


In VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.8x, a single option exists to update the PUSH message. This is designed for the referring URL, but could also be used to include a custom message:

In VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.9 or later, additional options are available. Edit the validation server and locate the VIP Push Authentication section: 

  1. Select Yes to enable VIP Push authentication to send a VIP Push request to end-users during validation.
  2. Enter a title to display in the VIP Push notification (32-characters max) 
  3. Enter text to display in the VIP Push notification (256-character max)
  4. Enter the destination name or URL of the service to display being accessed by the PUSH (such as Office 365, Palo Alto VPN,, or similar). 
  5. Time (in seconds) the VIP Service will wait for the user to accept the push notification before timing out. This value must be between 10 and 300 seconds.
  6. Select Yes to force additional local device authentication before accepting the PUSH (such as Face ID, PIN, pattern, password, or fingerprint). 

Sample PUSH message using above 9.9 settings: