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We are in the process of updating Business Intelligence JasperReports and the database used by the customer is Oracle 18c.
We checked the documentation and found that version 7.1.1 of JasperReports only supports the Oracle 12c version, however, the recently released JasperReports is version 7.5 which has support for the Oracle 18c version.

Is it possible to use the new released version of JasperReports 7.5 integrated with Identity Suite 14.3?
Is there any alternative for using JasperReports in conjunction with Oracle Database 18c?


IM 14.3 is certified with JasperReport 7.1.1

JasperReport is certified until Oracle 12c


Release : 14.3

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


By the link yes, JasperReports 7.1.1 supports until Oracle 12c R2

Also Symantec Identity Manager 14.3 shows support to JasperReport 7.1.1

So here in support the answer is no.

Please, open one enhancement request.

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