'min-auth'/'authentication' is deprecated. Minimum setting in auth-levels is considered as min-auth when using CA Directory 14.1


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After applying CP2 for VAPP 14.3 we are now seeing the following warning repeatedly:

'min-auth'/'authentication' is deprecated. Minimum setting in auth-levels is considered as min-auth.


This is due to CP2 updating CA Directory to version 14.1 where min-auth authentication was deprecated:


This message has no impact other than being written to the logs files.


Release : 14.3 CP2
Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)

Will impact any IDM system connecting into a 14.1 version of CA Directory


We will be addressing this in a future release.  To clear this message from the log modify the /CA/Directory/dxserver/config/settings/impd.dxc file to comment out the min-auth security connection:
# security controls
#set min-auth = clear-password;

And reinitialize CA Directory.

Specific VAPP Directions:

1. Log into your VAPP deployment and SU to the dsa user:
>su - dsa

2. Navigate to and edit /opt/CA/Directory/dxserver/config/settings/impd.dxc

3. Comment out the min-auth security line:

# security controls
#set min-auth = clear-password;

4. Reinitialize dxserver with

>dxserver init all