Will the Easytrieve R6.4 is affected with changing the VSM ALLOWUSERKEYCSA parameter on z/OS V2.3?


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In z/OS V2.1 environment, current value of the VSM ALLOWUSERKEYCSA parameter is set to YES. 

This parameter affects the programs which work at storage key 8 and try to access CSA. This is controlled by SYS1.PARMLIB(DIAGxx) member and ALLOWUSRKEYCSA parameter. 

For security reasons, this parameter will be set to NO on z/OS V2.3. (its default value). 

Can the Easytrieve R6.4 be affected by this change? 



Release : 6.4

Component : CA Easytrieve Plus Report Generator


The Easytrieve is not impacted by changing z/OS VSM ALLOWUSERKEYCSA from YES to NO.