Does Symantec have coverage for a specific hash


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You want to know whether or not Symantec has coverage for a specific file hash or multiple file hashes.


To verify coverage, hashes must be submitted to the self-service portal at  A support case does not need to be opened.  Follow the steps below to verify coverage using the self-service portal.

  1. Visit
  2. Select the Not Detected by Symantec tab.
  3. Change the Submission Type to Provide an MD5 or SHA-256 hash of a file.
  4. Enter the hash in the File Hash field.
  5. Complete the Your Details section and click Submit.

When the submission review completes you'll receive an email that contains coverage details.



Q: Can I open a support case to verify hash coverage?
A: No.  Use the steps above to verify hash coverage.  Support cases opened asking only to verify hash coverage will instruct you to follow the submission process above and then be closed.  

Q: Are there any other methods to submit hashes to Symantec for review?
A: Contact your Symantec account manager about additional services available.

Q: How can I use my Symantec security product to block a hash?
A: Symantec Endpoint Protection and Symantec Endpoint Security can be used to block files by hash.  

Q: What if I have additional questions beyond coverage of a specific file?
A: If you have additional questions about a submission you can open a support case after the file has been submitted.  Please include the submission number and the additional questions when opening a support case.

Q: Are there any other methods to verify hash coverage?
A: VirusTotal has a hash submission page.  There is also an API to automate submissions