API Gateway Validate Certificate Assertion Error: CANT_BUILD_PATH


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Validate certificate assertion is configured with "Revocation Checking" as validation type. The certificate validation fails with "CANT_BUILD_PATH" error. The same certificate with "Validate Certificate Path" as validation type didn't show any error and this confirms the certificate path is configured as needed.


Possible Causes:

  • Revocation checking policy may not be configured
  • Intermediate or root cert is not properly linked to revocation checking policy
  • CRL size is larger than 1 MB (default size)
  • Network configuration may not allow connection to CRL URL


Release : 9.4

Component : API GATEWAY


  • Create or verify the revocation checking policy to make sure of the correct configuration. Click on the "Certificate Validation" tab of the "Manage Certificate" menu option to review the revocation checking policy.
  • Make sure the intermediate and/or the root cert is configured with either default revocation checking policy or any configured policy from the drop-down list. You can verify validation tab of the certificate in the "Manage Certificate" menu option.
  • Set pkix.crl.maxSize cluster-wide property to higher value or set to 0 unlimited CRL size.
  • If the network won't allow connection to the outside then Gateway won't reach the CRL and download it. You can configure your network proxy as default proxy at Tasks -> Transports -> Manage HTTP Options.