User trying to do formatted record layout of member HGCDKSPR in 'CONROL.UIT6.COPYLIB' and getting error.


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User trying to do formatted record layout of member HGCDKSPR in 'CONROL.UIT6.COPYLIB'  and getting error.


Release : 10.0

Component : CA File Master Plus


The error you are receiving when trying to view a layout with FileMaster is returned when the size of a GROUP from a Cobol Copybook exceeds 6 digits (ie. when the size is bigger than 999999).

FYI, this check has been added almost 3 years ago to prevent different kind of abends (Short of storage, etc) in FileMaster when using very big layouts.

I checked the structure of your HGCDKSPR copybook. When compiled with the IBM compiler, we can see that the maximum size of this copybook is 1716068. This size is calculated by using the maximum value for all OCCURS DEPENDING ON clauses (ODO) present in the copybook.

The HGCDKSPR copybook contains 3 different 03 levels:
03 KSP-HEADER-CLAIM-AREA (size = 2620)
03 KSP-SVC-RECORD (size of 1 occurrence = 1702)

In order to maintain the max size of this copybook below 999999, the maximum number of occurrences for the second 03 field should not exceed 577. Currently, its value is set to 998.

So I would simply suggest to modify the max OCCURS value for the 03 KSP-SVC=RECORD field from 998 to a more realistic value of 500 for example. This should fix the problem.