Add a new IP route to the API Gateway appliance


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Is it possible to set up an additional route on the API Gateway via the 'IP route add' network interface?

For a VLAN flip, our network team needs an additional route on the two API gateways. If it is possible, where should I enter this route so that it works? 


Release : 9.x Appliance 

Component : API GATEWAY


The file where the static route is entered “ifcfg-eth0” or “ifcfg-eth1” there is a warning with the following content:



###     This file is auto generated by the Layer 7 System Configuration wizard.


###     This file will be overwritten if the utility is re-run


Editing this file and restarting services can lead to malfunctioning of the Gateway appliance. Hence we recommend not to overwrite this file by adding new IP routes.