CA LDAP abend S878-10 after several days


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CA Top Secret CA Top Secret - LDAP CA Web Administrator for Top Secret


CA LDAP sever up and running, abends S878-10 3 days later.


CA LDAP Server 15.1, Top Secret 16.0

CA-IDM client connecting to CA LDAP server running with CA-TSS.


The S878-10 abend can be caused by a heap memory issue. The CA LDAP Server slapd.env file CEE_RUNOPTS setting should set the word free for the heap memory. Verify that the CEE_RUNOPTS setting in the slapd.env is all on the same line and not specified as separate lines otherwise the heap setting could be ignored. One approach is to use the OEDIT USS shell command to edit the slapd,env file as described at oedit - Edit files in a z/OS UNIX file system.