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number of transaction executed by a specific Terminal ID


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I need a CICS threshold that will show the number of transactions that executed on a specific terminal.

How can I achieve that?

I saw that inside the CTERM panel there is a column for that value (COUNT) but how can I build a CTHRESH on that value?

I also saw that there is a variable called TRANUSE but I wasn't able to adjust it on the CTHRESH panel (I didn't get any results after I defined it).
I thought to use the TRANUSE var with a definition in the resource2 of the specific terminal:


Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


In order to collect the data for the specific terminal you will also need a CSTATUS entry.
In that entry you will normally define JOBNAME, Varialble=TRANUSE, Resourc1 = *, Resourc2 = T004 
Once defined you should see Thresholds generated when transactions for terminal T004 exceed the problem limit, per minute.
Adding the entry to CSTATUS enables detail logging for THRESHOLDING for the terminal. 
Even when you specify TRANUSE with a generic entry, you are not collecting data for every terminal.  That would generate a significant amount of data to be collected.
In the event that you do COLD starts of SYSVIEW for CICS depending on what region you want to collect for, you can use IF statements in your CICSSTAT SYSVIEW PARMLIB member when defining the entries. 
For example.
 TRANUSE  *        T004
 TRANUSE  *        T005
 TRANUSE  *        T006