Parameterized multi-valued lookup does not appear in Classic UX list view


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When a multi-valued lookup (MVL) attribute is created in the project object, the attribute works fine in the Edit page of the project and values can be inserted.
However, on the Project List page, the attribute does not show any values which had been inserted in the Edit page.


  1. Create a new Lookup "Test Project Resources" using below NSQL

    select[email protected]
    ,@SELECT:resources.full_name:[email protected]
    inv_projects projects, srm_resources resources, prteam team
    WHERE team.prprojectid = @WHERE:PARAM:USER_DEF:INTEGER:[email protected]
    AND team.prprojectid = projects.prid
    AND team.prresourceid =
    and @[email protected]

  2. Create a new Project MVL attribute using 'Test Project Resources' look-up, and ensure you map 'Object ID' to 'prj_id' when creating this attribute.
  3. Navigate to the Project team and add some resources to the project. This step is only to get some value for the above lookup.
  4. Add some values to the attribute on the Project Edit page. Save and Return
  5. Navigate to the Project List page.

Expected results: The attribute will have a value inserted in the Project List page which was inserted in Step 4.

Actual results: The attribute has no value in it and even when you try to insert some values in the list page, it blanks out after saving.


This is caused by DE45183


This is fixed in Clarity 15.6