API Gateway: How to validate the OTK version.


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This article will address the versions of OTK and the possible discrepancies seen when viewing the installed Solution Kits in the API Gateway.
Questions: While looking at the current status of the OTK installation of our existing API Gateway server, I see the following where the version of OAuthSolutionKit is 4.0, but each component inside is 4.1. Would this be an issue? What is the potential cause of this discrepancy?


This article applies to all supported versions of API Gateway and OAuth Toolkit.


As upgrades are done to the individual components within the Solution Kit, the version on each component will reflect it's own version. Since the Solution Kit itself (the parent level) is not upgraded specifically, the version it displays is just the original version that Solution Kit started at / was installed at. In the screenshot above, this suggests that the OTK was installed at version 4.0 but the components have such been upgraded to 4.1.

This discrepancy in version display not cause any issues, but a support case can be filed if there are further concerns about this.