Error: "Processing Partition 'EP Agent Behavior Event Fact' failed."


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IT Analytics


Processing the cube SEP Agent Behavior Events fails while processing the Agent Behavior Event Fact partition of the Agent Behavior Events measure group.


This error is caused by the string length of a description value for an endpoint in the Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) data source exceeding 256 characters. The dimension expects a string value of 256 characters or less.


IT Analytics for SEP 2.9.0


This issue is resolved by altering the IT Analytics database view vITAnalytics_SEP_AgentBehaviorEventFact to truncate description values that exceed 256 characters in length.

To make this change, follow this procedure:

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  2. In the Connect to Server window, select the Server type 'Database Engine' and provide the name or IP address of your IT Analytics database host (and instance name, if not the default instance) as the Server name
  3. Connect using the Authentication method enabled during the installation of IT Analytics
  4. Expand the Databases folder under the host name in the Object Explorer pane
  5. Locate and expand the IT Analytics database (the default name is 'ITAnalytics')
  6. Expand the Views folder
  7. Locate the view dbo.vITAnalytics_SEP_AgentBehaviorEventFact
  8. Right-click this view, select Script View as : ALTER To : New Query Editor Window
  9. In the query editor window, edit line 100 by replacing this:
    with this:
  10. Execute the ALTER statement by pressing the function key F5, clicking the Execute button in the SSMS toolbar, or selecting Execute from the Query menu