On Premise MSSQL database move to PostgreSQL?


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We are an On Premise MSSQL customer, looking to move to Clarity 15.8.1 with PostgreSQL. How will we connect a PostgreSQL database to Clarity? Is it possible to restore a MSSQL Server image into PostgreSQL?


Release : 15.8.1, 15.9



At this time PostgreSQL is not supported for On Premise with 15.8.1 as you can see in our Release Notes:


It's only supported for SAAS currently. And it will not be supported until second half of 2021. So you have to wait until PostgreSQL is supported for On Premise in order to be able to have your database on PostgreSQL. Alternatively consider going to our SAAS GCP solution.

To connect to a PostgreSQL database you have to do the same as for any other database vendor - after the database has been restored, open CSA - go to Database and enter the connection details, Save, ensure it states Available, then restart the services

Regarding restoring an MSSQL database to PostgreSQL - this is not possible. To switch your database to PostgreSQL a complex migration conversion should be performed. We recommend engaging a partner to do this as it is not something that can be done without expert assistance. We at Broadcom support do not provide such assistance. The effort and cost of the conversion from MSSQL to PostgreSQL is going to be customer responsibility.