How do I monitor memory usage by VNA?


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Is there a way that I can see how the VNA install is performing so that we can determine if additional resources are needed?


VNA is a java application that runs ‘within’ Wildfly.

Since it is restricted in how much memory it can access by configuration settings, you need to be able to expose java heap usage.


Release : 20.2

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Performance Management


Login to the VNA Wildfly webpage:


And select Administration Console:






Select Runtime at the top:



Highlight the server name on the left, select status under monitor and hit view:



And you can see the java heap and thread count in real time.

** If the used heap is above 60% of the max memory, you need to add more memory.**


Additional Information

Please note that if you connect to the VNA host using MobaXterm, then launch the Wildfly admin console, you may get an error.

Remove MobaXterm from the equation.


See how to manage the memory settings here:


You can also use these additional tools to get a more complete image of overall system performance:

top | grep wildfly

Jconsole - use the one in */wildfly/bin

APM - Application Performance Management, a Broadcom product.