CA Deliver - Deliver not processing all reports from jobs


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The client primarily uses pre-spool processing in CA Deliver (utilizing RMOPARMS JOBCLSL and SYSCLSL).

They created a second LPAR to provide rollover coverage in the sysplex.

When some batch jobs were run, it was noticed where not all of the reports were processing pre-spool as expected, with some reports being picked up by CA View.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


The client uses Workload Manager, which was changing the class in which the jobs in question were running, and that class was not included in their CA Deliver JOBCLSL parameter.
As a result, the job was not processing on the LPAR it should have been, and the output went to the spool and was collected by CA View.

The client added the class that was changed to their Deliver JOBCLSL parameter, and the job processed the reports as expected.