How to request new Device or Metric support for Virtual Network Assurance plugins in Performance Management


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The devices or SDN software release they run aren't shown as supported in Virtual Network Assurance (VNA) documentation.

The Metrics sought for a Virtual Network Assurance (VNA) plugin are not listed in the available metric lists in the documentation.

How are Certification Requests for VNA submitted?


All supported Performance Management and Virtual Network Assurance (VNA) releases


The first step in this process is determining the following information and details.

  • Device Vendor, Make and Model
  • SDN Technology Name and Version running on devices
  • Metrics sought

Once that information is known engage the Account Management team. They will assist in following up with the Product Management team to begin the process of adding the requested technology, devices or metrics for support.

Additional Information

Virtual Network Assurance r20.2 Product Documentation