Jaspersoft 7.1, 7.5 and Oracle 19c database support with Clarity


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We are looking to upgrade our Oracle to Oracle 19c and also upgrade Clarity. We see that Clarity 15.8.1 supports 19c, but Jaspersoft 7.1 does not. What would be the best recommended steps for us?


Release : 15.8.1, 15.9



In Clarity Oracle 19c is supported starting version 15.8.1

Current Jaspersoft is version 7.1 and it does not support Oracle 19c (we have not tested and certified it). Due to architectural changes, a supported Jaspersoft version will not be introduced until post 15.9 releases. (Note that Jaspersoft 7.5 is also not supported). To have a supported version of Jaspersoft to work on Oracle 19c we are targeting this for Jaspersoft 7.8.1 (subject to change).

We at Broadcom Support recommend that if you are going to Oracle 19c and Clarity 15.8.1 or Clarity 15.9, to either:

  • Leave your Jaspersoft database on the existing database on supported database version (whilst moving Clarity and DWH to Oracle 19c)
  • Use a free license PostgreSQL database to migrate the Jaspersoft database to for the time being until Jaspersoft 7.8.1 is released. Broadcom Support has not currently documented the procedure for migrating to PostgreSQL, and therefore is unable to provide any details on this procedure. If you would like any assistance in performing this migration, it would be recommended to engage with a Services representative from HCL to assist. In addition to the actual migration, custom reports may need to be manually recreated as well.

Note: the Jaspersoft database only contains metadata about the reports. It's a small database and does not usually require much resources.