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Reading volume as input is abending with a S237-04.


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Hi Team

One of our jobs is abending with a S237-04. 

IEC537I BLOCK COUNTS: TLABEL=I79285, DCB=779342                     
IEC023I 237-04,IFG0552R,CS002020,STEP010,SYSUT1-0017,E523,343664,  


Unable to read volume.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management

Release : 14.0

Component : CA TLMS Tape Management


The message IEC5371 is telling us that the block count that was recorded on the EOF marker is different than the block count that was read from the job that was reading the tape. 




As you can see the DCB read 779342 blocks when the EOF marker has 779285. That is a difference of 57 blocks.

CA-1/TLMS does not update/modify the IBM standard labels that keep track of this information. This is done via the IBM operating system and the tape drive.

Something you could look at is:

As a matter of curiosity, was the tape ever processed DISP=MOD
Was the tape written by a tape-to-tape copy utility?
Was it exported from a VTS?

Was BLP used on the volume as output?

I would recommend asking IBM and your tape vendor about this. Sorry, I don't have a solution from the CA-1/TLMS side as we don't update the IBM standard labels.