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Various Issues are no longer available in the UI. They have disappeared from the Risk/Issues/Change Requests tab in their corresponding project. 

They still exist in the RIM_RISKS_AND_ISSUES table in the database. However, those records in the database now show the incorrect parent project ID on the PK_ID column.This PK_ID value should be the internal project ID, but the PK_ID column now has the same value as the ID column (which is the Issue internal ID). 


This may occur if the link (on the Query - Linking tab) being used by a custom NSQL portlet has been incorrectly configured.


Release : 15.5.1



The link that was created on the NSQL query for the 'Link to the Issue Property Page' needs to be corrected to use the following: 

Object ID: <issue id>

Parent Object ID:  <project id>

The problem where the Issue appears to have disappeared will happen if the Parent Object ID here is also set to be the Issue ID. The Issue will still open with the Parent Object ID set to the Issue ID, but the URL will be malformed. Any save that is then made to the Issue properties from this bad URL will force an update to the PK_ID of the issue record in the database and cause it to no longer be available in the UI (unless there happens to be an existing project with this other ID in the system. If this is the case, the Issue will be available in the UI, but under the wrong project). 

Once the Parent Object ID is corrected in the NSQL query settings to use the project ID, the problem will no longer occur. 

To correct the problem on Issues that have already been affected and have the wrong PK_ID, a query similar to the following needs to be run: 

update rim_risks_and_issues
set pk_id = <internal project ID>
where id = <internal issue ID>

This is assuming that the correct project that the Issue should be associated with is known.