Duplicate Node.js/Python agent not showing up


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We have an issue where multiple instances of the Node.js agent and/or Python agent with the same name are not handled correctly.  They don't seem to show up at all. 
When a Java agents or .NET agents  (that directly report to a MOM or collector) report. The collector recognizes that it is a duplicate name and appends a %1, %2... to each duplicate.  This does not seem to happen with Node.js or Python agents which do not report directly to a collector but through an Infrastructure agent.  

Is this a known issue and is there a resolution?


Release : 11.x

Component : APM Agents


Please review this link, in section Configure the Node.js Probe Agent Host Name.


In Docker environments, standard host naming methods do not resolve the host name.
When multiple agents monitor a Node.js application, the metrics from all the Node.js Probe Agents are aggregated. The aggregation is based on the Docker container IP address. Docker container IP address conflicts occur when the same local network IP range exists in different Docker host environments. The conflicts cause metrics and transaction traces for specific Node.js application instances to display under a single Node.js Probe Agent host node. The metrics aggregation makes it difficult for triagers to determine the source of application performance problems.

Changing the hostname – showed a new Wily folder with only the containerid and no correlation to the actual host it was running on.

Changing the probename >> ${APP_NAME}-${HOSTNAME} did the trick for us.