APMIA - Problem with WebServer Monitor not able to get performance data from IIS - connection reset


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Trying to monitor an IIS server using the APMIA Webserver monitor extension installed on the same system as IIS. The configuration has all been completed as per the documentation and when we use the browser we can see the iis-stats.html page however the agent is unable to get the data and the log shows the following error


7/27/20 10:44:45 AM BST [ERROR] [IntroscopeAgent.WebserverMonitor.WebServerMonitorEngine] Could not get metrics from server : https://myserver.mydomain.com:12001
java.net.SocketException: Connection reset


Network tracing showed that the connection reset was coming from the IIS server

The problem was also found to occur when trying to open the page using a browser located on the agent/IIS system but only when using the FQDN or localhost in the URL - if the IP address of the server was used the connection was maintained.


Release : 10.7.0

Component : APM Agents


The configuration for the IIS server in extensions\Webserver-monitor\config WebServerConfig.xml was modified to use the IP address of the server i.e. changed from


<WebServer Type="Microsoft-IIS" Enabled="true" ServerURL="https://myserver.mydomain.com:12001" Protocol="SSL" Mode="Non-Permissive" DisplayName="MyApp" MetricsURL="IISPerStats"/>


<WebServer Type="Microsoft-IIS" Enabled="true" ServerURL="" Protocol="SSL" Mode="Non-Permissive" DisplayName="MyApp" MetricsURL="IISPerStats"/>

The customer will investigate why in their environment IIS resets the connection when a connection attempt is made from the local system using the FQDN or localhost