IDMS support for unsupported z/OS releases (e.g. 1.13)


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This article documents IDMS support for z/OS 1.13 and any subsequent unsupported z/OS release.


The original r19.0 cover letter, RI77728, says this:

CA IDMS 19.0 requires z/OS at a version level that is supported by IBM. CA IDMS 19.0 requires functionality first introduced in z/OS V1.13.

z/OS 1.13 has been out of support by IBM since September 30, 2016.
See Product lifecycle for z/OS 1.13.x.


Release : All supported releases.
Component : CA IDMS/DB


Broadcom expects that any supported IDMS release will run successfully on z/OS r1.13 and any later release(s) of z/OS as IBM drops support for them. 
However, if a problem arises, the extent to which that problem involves z/OS functionality may inhibit our ability to resolve it.
It is recommended that you upgrade to a supported level of z/OS.