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CA Output Management Web Viewer


getting CAHVS0005W msg

License check failed: 
This warning message appears when a license check fails. See the 
 text for additional details.
Review the 
 text. Verify that your LMP code is correctly specified (in CAIRIM). For complete instructions on how to set up your LMP keys, see 
Enter LMP Code
 in the CA View documentation


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Output Management Web Viewer


The Licensing check failures and the CAHVS0300E messages you are seeing. Both of these have a common cause - which is missing Common Services (CCS) modules from the application STEPLIB.

Looking at the job output it seems that you have the STEPLIB entry in the template JCL commented out. This is, of course, fine as long as you have the required load libraries in your LINKLIST (or otherwise available to the job). However, the errors we are observing seem to indicate that the CCS CAW0PLD load library is either not available to that job or the required CCS components are not installed. This then generates these errors:

UnsatisfiedLinkError: CAS9LMJ4 (EDC5205S DLL module not found.)

UnsatisfiedLinkError: J2ZJNIJ4 (EDC5205S DLL module not found.)
Both CAS9LMJ4 and J2ZJNIJ4 are expected within the CAW0PLD CCS load library.

In this case the modules where not in CAW0LOAD, client found correct library and added it to the linklist.