Redirect to Formatted Message / Maintenance Page when Clarity is under Upgrade


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Is there a way to redirect the users to a formatted maintenance or outage message whilst Clarity is being upgraded? 


Release : All Supported Clarity releases



There is no way to add a page natively in Clarity as Clarity has to be down with services stopped for the upgrade. 

The best way to set a Maintenance page whilst you're doing an upgrade, would be to set up this page in Proxy/Load balancer. So whenever the users try to connect they will be directed to this page.

For this you need:

  1. Set up a custom HTML or other page and ensure it's accessible by it's URL
  2. Connect with your LB / Proxy team to ensure they point the Clarity LB URL to point to this new page for the duration of the maintenance
  3. After the upgrade, connect directly to the server to validate
  4. Once all validated, ask the LB team to add the Clarity servers back and remove the custom page redirection

This would be the recommended way. If you have SSO you could set up an error page in CSA for SSO but this would mean that users would be able to connect as soon as the application is up again which is undesirable.