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We need to move from LDAP to Vsed authentication.  Our current configuration is in green and plan to move to the red. I Need to verify that this will work and CAPM can do it.  We are currently using Vsed for our Spectrum access using these settings. Thanks Swaz..

  1. Log into server as root, cd /local1/CA/PerformanceCenter
  2. Setup LDAP authentication
  3. ./SsoConfig
  4. SSO Configuration: 1  (CA Performance Center)
  5. SSO Config / CA Perf Center: 1 (LDAP Authentication)
  6. SSO Config / CA Perf Center / LDAP: 1 (Remote Value)
  7. ... remote Value: select “u” to update each value below...


  • SSO Configuration/CA Performance Center/LDAP Authentication/Remote Value:
  • Connection User: CN=uqq53590,CN=users,DC=wmservice,DC=corpnet1,DC=com


  • Connection Password: ********


  • Search Domain: LDAP://,DC=corpnet1,DC=com


  • Search String: (sAMAccountName={0})


  • Search Scope: subtree
  • User Bind: Enabled
  • Encryption: SIMPLE
  • Account User: {sAMAccountName}


  • Account User Default Clone: user
  • Group:
  • ConfigFile:


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


You need to need to set connection user to {0} and password to {1}, and disable User Bind. then it will take the user's username and password and try and bind initially as that user, and if it passes, they get in, if not, they are rejected.