APM MOM EM becomes unavailable


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We find that APM introscope MOM EM hangs and becomes unavailable. We see high number of alerts and transaction traces which seem to the cause of this hang issue. We would like to know how to control the amount of data that APM cluster environment is handling. We are looking to decrease the number of alerts and transaction traces for this APM environment.


Application Performance Management 10.7 release.


We suggest following adjustments to decrease the number of transaction traces and the number of alerts that seems to be the contributing factors here.

On all EMs (MOM and all Collectors).

In IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.properties file set/adjust the following:

# How many days to store traces

comment out the property and set to 0.
# Total number of metrics allowed to be baselined per collector.

Set the following setting for APM Team Center data.
introscope.apm.data.preserving.time=8 DAYS
introscope.apm.alert.preserving.time=5 DAYS
introscope.apm.data.obsolete.time=7 DAYS

Sample transaction trace for agents.


Stop all EMs (MOM and all Collectors).

Delete all files under [EM-Home]/logs

Start all EMs (MOM and all Collectors; first start collectors, wait for 15/20 minutes, then start MOM).