How to restore a pds member with FastCopy and Ezyedit


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Working on a PDS load library and need to recover it, can I also recover standard PDS members?


Release : 7.7

Component : CA-PDSMAN for OS/390


If you lost a member of a PDS then you might be able to use FASTCOPY RESTORE.

This is documented in the Library Management FastCopy and Space Reuse User Guide. Starting on page 45.

You can use the following procedure from the PDSMAN EZYEDIT panels

Go into PDSM EZEDIT panel and list the dataset in question. Put your cursor in front of the dataset name and type the word RECOVER. This will recover your files and the member names will look like  ZZZ00001. You will receive a short report noting the files recovered from FastCopy on the screen.

The ZZ prefix will be all the restored members after any changes were made.

If you want help with the various commands then from the EZEDIT primary landing page hit PF1.

Keep in mind that this function will only work if there has not been a compress of the PDS before the RECOVER command was issued