Missing Plot Members in PLOTLIB library.


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CA SYSVIEW Performance Management


The SYSVIEW command VARS displays a list of metric or variable definitions for all SYSVIEW subsystems.                                          

One of the columns displayed is PlotMbr which denotes the associated pre-defined plot member.

Some of the pre-defined plot members that appear in the PlotMbr column are not in the PLOTLIB library.


For example:

The Plot member  GSVO1801  for the JVMSTAT variable is not available in the PLOTLIB library.



Release: 16.0

Component: SYSVIEW


This is correct.

The installation of SYSVIEW does not supply all the predefined members in the PLOTLIB library for all the Variables.

The users may create their own predefined members following the instructions available at the following Link:


Create a Predefined PLOT Member


Additional Information

Use the HELP PLOT command in Sysview for a complete description of the PLOT command.